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Study reveals on-line video continues to grow, may be an extension of the TV era

Friday, October 4, 2019 4:45:00 PM

- Thirteenth annual Digital Marketing Pulse Survey provides actionable insights for Canadian marketers. -

Ipsos Canada, Vizeum Canada and the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA) today released key findings from the 13th annual Digital Marketing Pulse Survey, which tracks levels of familiarity and usage of various digital marketing tactics among agencies and client-side marketers.

"Canadian marketers show strong familiarity and increased usage of established tactics, including email marketing, programmatic, digital signage, social and online video," said Steve Levy, COO for Ipsos in Canada. "Conversely, awareness and usage of some newer digital tactics, such as augmented reality, wearables and voice search marketing, remains low or flat."

Familiarity with on-line video (OLV) has been increasing steadily. In the past year, it has moved from 66% to 77% for agencies and 63% to 74% for marketers. The gains in frequent usage have been even stronger – from 58% to 73% for agencies and from 47% to 62% for marketers. These shifts reflect the fact that there are more platforms offering OLV and more brands creating OLV, which allows for more flexibility and has resulted in shifts in production guidelines. Very few (5%) marketers agree with the view that brand image/safety concerns have caused them to reduce their spend in online video.

"This research provides actionable insights for Canadian marketers to leverage tactics in specific ways," said Adrian Capobianco, president of Vizeum. "Marketers can see which tactics are on the rise, which are not, and which can help them drive greater success."

The study also surveys consumers and integrates their perceptions into the report to help marketers understand the public's perspectives on many of the tactics that marketers use.

"This research helps us better understand the needs of marketers, and of consumers, to help us build trust in the power of marketing to transform business," said John Wiltshire, the CMA's president and CEO.

SOURCE: Ipsos Canada