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Hollywood, DIY And Social Media Popular Inspirations For Costume Choice, According To Value Village® Annual Halloween Survey

Friday, October 4, 2019 2:21:00 PM

- This year, the perfect costume is less about perfectionism and more about personalization. -

(Value Village) - Canadians love Halloween and a unique costume is a must-have for a Hallowinning celebration. But dressing up for Halloween this year involves more than just looking good; there are a number of personal considerations including customization and value that come into play when creating the perfect costume. So, it's no surprise that of those surveyed over 90 per cent of shoppers admired unique costumes put together with second-hand items, and 74 per cent said they'd shop thrift if second-hand stores offered a Halloween section, according to new research by Value Village®, also known as Village des Valeurs® in Québec.

Trends to Watch in 2019:

- Disney, Marvel & HBO-Inspired Costumes: Ninety-one per cent of Canadians believe movies and TV shows will be the top inspirations for Halloween costumes this year, with Avengers, The Lion King, Game of Thrones, Captain Marvel and Toy Story topping the charts.
- Gen Zs Want to Stand Out, In Person & Online: Sixty per cent of Gen Zs want to stand out with their costume choice and the majority (70 per cent) plan to post their Halloween experiences on social media.
- DIY and Customization Reigns: A "cool" costume needs to be creative, original and homemade, according to survey respondents, and over half (51 per cent) claim they'd like to wear a costume that no one else will have. More than ever before, Canadians are enjoying the experience of DIY'ing their costumes, using a mix of previously owned and brand-new items. Sixty-six percent plan on customizing their costume, with merely one in five (21 per cent) planning on buying a new, as-is packaged costume.
- You, or Your Alter Ego? The jury is out. Nearly 6 in 10 (59 per cent) surveyed Canadians, use their creative freedom to showcase bits of their personality, while almost half (49 per cent) match their costume to their alter ego.

Keeping costs down is also important for Halloween shoppers this year. A whopping 80 per cent of those surveyed spend $50 or less on a costume, while just over half (51 per cent) spend less than $25, so choosing secondhand is ideal for those who still want a creative, original costume, at a price point that works for them.

"As the one-stop Halloween destination, Value Village® offers a variety of brand new and pre-owned Halloween merchandise," said Kristine Hung, Head of Marketing & Merchandising at Value Village. "Shopping second-hand during Halloween is a smart, sustainable choice, considering today's consumer cares about unique style, the planet and their wallet."

At Value Village®, enthusiastic Halloween shoppers can find a lot more than just something to wear:

- More Than Just Second Hand: Want to let out your alter ego, or pull together an imaginative look this Halloween? Every year, Value Village® offers an exclusive line of brand-new Halloween costumes called "Alterego®," wigs, makeup and accessories – perfect to combine with the reused clothing and accessories that already fill the aisles.
- Costume Consultants: Need some help getting creative? In-store costume consultants and look books at Value Village® can help you create a unique look with DIY Halloween costumes, tips and tricks.
- It's All About the Décor: Going all out for Halloween means more than just dressing up. Value Village® loads its shelves with new and pre-loved Halloween décor to help decorate homes inside and out – whether that means creating a haunted house for trick-or-treaters or sticking to simple décor for a party.
- Halloween Hub: provides a store locator tool, costume inspiration and instructions for Halloween DIY costumes and home décor.
- Social Media: Seventy per cent of Gen Zs plan to post their Halloween experiences on social media and a similar percentage of Millennials (64%) plan on posting their kids' Halloween experiences. Join in on the fun by engaging with Value Village® on social platforms via the #Hallowinning hashtag on, @SaversVVillage on Twitter and @valuevillage_thrift on Instagram.