2019 AutoShow. GO Bus Sweet Ride

Saturday, February 16, 2019 2:58:00 PM

“It’s like the self-driving car is already here. Read, sleep, watch and text.”
- Go Transit Twitter
For the first time ever, visitors of the Canadian International Autoshow can see not just cars, but the bus. GO D4500CT single-decker is showcasing by Toronto's interregional public transit system.
Everyone would be able to get behind the wheel of GO's highway coach and imagine the sweet ride with cars’ alternative.
LED headlights, 15 gallon diesel exhaust fluid tank and other hi-tech features of this coach will give you luxury riding experience.
Without doubt, GO Bus is a biggest vehicle at the Autoshow.
GO bus will be on display from February 15 to 24.
AutoShow/GO Transit partnership offering combo tickets and PRESTO discounts for the show.

* * *