๐Ÿš—๐Ÿฆช NewCa.com Exclusive! 2020 Canadian International AutoShow. The Worldโ€™s Largest Pearl $90+ million USD at the Canadian International AutoShow 2020 (4K HDR)

Saturday, 15 February 2020 10:20.PM

The Giga Pearl is currently being displayed in an octopus sculpture gilded in 22k gold by artist Bethany Krull.

This huge pearl holds the record as the largest certified non-nacreous pearl in the world. It weighs in at 27.65 kg (60-lb 15-oz) and measures 39.37 cm (15.5 in) x 22.86 cm (9 in) x 20.95 cm (8.25 in),[3] which is four times larger than the Pearl of Lao Tzu (formerly the Pearl of Allah) which weighs 6.4 kg. There have been claims of "the world's largest pearl" in recent years.

Visitors of the 2020 Canadian International AutoShow have a unique opportunity to see the world's largest natural pearl that is on the Auto Exotica display. The owner of this rare pearl is Abraham Reyes, 34, live in Mississauga, Ontario.

For some time Abraham kept family heirloom in a safe deposit box. At first time Giga Pearl, appraised at between $60M and $90M, was been presented publically in 2019 in Toronto.

Read more about this jewel - https://www.cbc.ca/news/c....

Take you picture with it for a chance to win genuine pearl jewelry valued at more than $200. (North Building, 100 Level) .

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