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AMEX Stands by Local Businesses with Shop Small: A Major Campaign to Support Small Business Revival in Canada and Around the

Wednesday, June 24, 2020 5:12:00 PM

- More than half of Canadian business owners say they need a sharp recovery for their business to remain viable; American Express to stimulate support with advertising, marketing and a Cardmember offer. -

Today, American Express announces the launch of Shop Small - a major campaign across Canada and a number of other international locations to support small businesses as they strive to recover from the impacts of COVID-19.

This latest Shop Small campaign comes at a critical time as many businesses are fighting to overcome unprecedented challenges. It includes national advertising with a message for Canadians to get behind their local small businesses and help revive local communities and is backed by a largest-ever Canadian Shop Small Cardmember offer to drive spending at local businesses.

"Small businesses across the country need our support now more than ever. Shop Small is about standing by the small business owners who have given so much to our communities," says Lisa Kalhans, President and CEO of American Express Canada. "As an organization, we understand the critical role we can play in encouraging not only our own Cardmembers, but all Canadians to get out there and show up for small businesses."

According to the Small Business Recovery Research conducted by American Express, which surveyed small business owners and consumers in Canada, most business owners are ready to take on the challenge of rebuilding (73 per cent); however, they are deeply concerned about the future, and about half (49 per cent) of business owners say that every day is a fight to keep their business alive. Many are uncertain about their ability to re-hire and retain staff (30 per cent & 31 per cent), while about half (53 per cent) are nervous about making it through 2021. Underscoring the need for urgent support, the results also showed over half (51 per cent) of small businesses need a sharp recovery to remain viable.

Although small businesses are fighting to stay open, Canadians are determined to see them survive. The majority (83 per cent) of consumers surveyed agree that it is time to rally around the small business community and two-thirds (62 per cent) fear local businesses will not re-open and that their communities will no longer be as vibrant.

A strong majority (77 per cent) of business owners agreed sales promotions are important to stimulate spending for their business to make a successful recovery. Which is why this Shop Small campaign includes a Cardmember offer to encourage spending at small businesses over the next three months. Eligible Cardmembers can earn $5 back in statement credits when they spend at least $10 at up to 10 different qualifying small businesses, allowing them to earn up to $50 in statement credits through the program.

"Our goal with this promotion is to have Cardmembers show up for small businesses as much as possible. We want them to support multiple local businesses which is why we've made it possible to earn the credit ten times by shopping at ten different businesses – online, curbside or in-store," Kalhans said.

Additionally, American Express is making it easier for Canadians to locate local businesses that are open for in-store or online purchases with an updated Shop Small Map. The company is also providing small businesses with a suite of marketing tools and resources to help them attract new and existing customers and assist with reopening.

Globally, American Express is investing in Shop Small across six international markets to jumpstart spending at local businesses. The campaign is currently live in several markets including the UK and Australia with more to follow later this month. American Express has been running Shop Small and the popular Small Business Saturday program in the US for 10 years. Shop Small launched in Canada in 2013, and this marks the first time the campaign has extended its reach at such a large-scale in Canada.

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SOURCE: American Express Canada