🖼️ 2009 Tut Mania. shopAGO Gets in the KING TUT Spirit

Monday, 21 September 2009 08:28.PM

shopAGO is celebrating the colours, smells and tastes of Egyptian life with an exclusive Tutankhamun-inspired line of products this fall. Modern day artifacts, design objects, books, jewels and tastes of the desert abound.

Here are just a few of the incredible selections:

(#1) Three amber glass vases from Torre & Tagus Contemporary shapes in hand-blown glass Short $40; Medium $40; Tall $45

(#2 ) Egyptian amber crystal ornament (approximately 4» to 5-1/2» tall). $24

(#3) Egyptian Palaces and Villas, a lavishly illustrated book that looks at the opulent estates of the great pashas, khedives and the great ladies of 19th century Egypt and the princes and kings of the early 20th century. $34.99

(#4) A sophisticated and luxurious, fabric-wrapped gift box containing pure gold body oil and facial mist, both containing real 23Kt gold flaes, and a 40g gold guest soap. A gift to utterly indulge someone deserving. $80

As always, for those who can’t make it in person, a large selection of the store’s fabulous in-store merchandise is available online. Also, design-loving couples, new graduates, and parents now have a reason to celebrate as shopAGO launches a full-service wedding and gift registry program. Visit shop2.ago.net or call the shop at 416-979-6610 for more information.

* * *