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  Minister of Transport Announces Funding for Research to Support the Rebuilding of More Sustainable Transport Infrastructure

Tuesday, 28 March 2023 08:00.AM

The Government of Canada condemns the Russian regime's senseless war of aggression and will continue to take action to stand with Ukraine. That's why, the Government is committed in doing whatever it can to support the people of Ukraine as they rebuild their country and their transportation system.

Today, the Minister of Transport, the Honourable Omar Alghabra, announced an investment of $300,000 to the International Transport Forum (ITF) under the Clean Transportation System – Research and Development program (CTS R&D). This funding will help support the important research work of the ITF with respect to the rebuilding of Ukraine's transportation infrastructure and supply chains to make them greener, more sustainable and better connected.

This 18-month research project will assess the state of Ukraine's freight transport sector and guide the identification of significant challenges in transitioning towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly freight transport system for post-war Ukraine. It will also develop sustainable transport pathways based on a comprehensive analysis of the sector's current and future scenarios of international trade and the country's connectivity to global markets.

Reconstructing Ukraine's transport sector will require unprecedented effort from all, including international partners, to ensure safe, sustainable supply chains and connectivity. The International Transport Forum is well-placed to help set out sustainable transport pathways and supply chains for Ukraine across all transport modes, covering both passenger and freight, urban and non-urban sectors.

"We stand united with our allies in our support for Ukraine and working to end this unprovoked war. We will be there to help the people of Ukraine as they rebuild. Today's announcement will contribute to Ukraine's goal of building back better, strengthening its connections to Europe and North America, and securing a sustainable future for its citizens."
- The Honourable Omar Alghabra, Minister of Transport

Quick Facts

• The International Transport Forum is an intergovernmental organization of 64 member states including Canada. It acts as a think tank for transport policy and organizes the Annual Summit of transport ministers. The International Transport Forum has a mission to foster a deeper understanding of the role of transport in economic growth, environmental sustainability, and social inclusion and to raise the public profile of transport policy.
• Programs such as the Clean Transportation System – Research and Development attest to the Government of Canada's strong commitment to the environment and its engagement in developing solutions both domestically and internationally that demonstrate how environmental sustainability and economic prosperity can support and reinforce one another.

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SOURCE: Transport Canada

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