2018 Autoshow Toronto. TOYOTA Mirai FCV

Thursday, March 8, 2018 8:00:00 AM

Powering the future
Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles could change mobility forever Around the world, efforts are being made to harness the power of hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe. Recognizing hydrogen's vast potential as a clean energy source, Toyota is actively developing and producing fuel cell vehicles (FCV).

The Mirai, the world's first fuel cell vehicle for the mass market

The Mirai features the Toyota Fuel Cell System, which combines fuel cell technology with hybrid technology.

The system is more energy efficient than internal combustion engines, and offers excellent environmental performance without emitting CO2 or other harmful substances during driving. At the same time, the system gives vehicles convenience on a par with conventional gasoline engine vehicles, thanks to a cruising range of roughly 650 km and a refueling time of about three minutes.

In addition, the Mirai can serve as a high capacity power supply during emergencies. It is capable of supplying roughly 60 kWh of electricity, with a maximum DC power output of 9 kW. When a separately-sold power supply unit is connected, the Mirai converts the DC power from the CHAdeMO power socket located inside the trunk to AC power and can power a vehicle-to-home system or a vehicle-to-load system. Consumer electronics can also be connected directly and used from the interior accessory socket (AC 100 V, 1,500 W).

A new driving sensation
Fuel cell vehicles offer excellent drivability. This is the result of the fusion of a painstaking design process. The Mirai offers a low center of gravity, aerodynamic performance, optimal weight layout, and a highly rigid body. These features, combined with the car's engineless, motor-driven performance, create a driving experience that is smooth, safe, quiet and fun.

Design based on experience and knowledge
The unique and impressive design of the Mirai is perfect for a fuel cell vehicle:
it reflects the revolutionary nature of the technology.

Providing free access to fuel cell-related patent licenses
Toyota has given free access to approximately 5,680 fuel cell-related patent licenses (as of January 6, 2015). To promote the widespread early adoption of fuel cell vehicles and build a hydrogen-based society, Toyota is committed to making further active contributions.

The FCV, which is fueled by the clean energy provided by hydrogen. This is one of Toyota's solutions for one hundred years in the future.

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