2018 Autoshow Toronto. Infiniti Prototype 9 Concept Debut

Thursday, February 22, 2018 8:01:00 PM

(INFINITI Canada, February 2018) - Prototype 9 – and the crucial question, "What if…"
What if INFINITI was born in the 1940's when races were competed with roadsters, like the ones at the Tamagawa Speedway in Japan? This simple question had a domino effect on the design team at INFINITI and after countless hours of voluntary overtime by a team of passionate employees, Prototype 9 was born.

The eye-catching vehicle is a combination of past and future in one car. It is a sleek, open wheeled electric retro roadster prototype inspired by an emerging era of Japanese motorsport.

"Similar to INFINITI vehicles on the road today, Prototype 9 required a combination of high tech pioneering spirit and obsessive traditional artistry. The panels were hammered into shape by the amazing craftsmen and artisans found so often in Japan: the Takumi. The vehicle's stunning bodywork is made from steel body panels wrapped around a ladder frame." – Karim Habib, INFINITI Executive design director.

Panel beaters incorporated INFINITI's signature design elements, such as the double-arch grille, 'shark gills' behind the front wheels, a single-crease hood and sharp lines that stretch from front to rear.

Articulating the same sense of advanced artistry as INFINITI's production cars and near-production concepts, Prototype 9's cabin was also crafted by the company's interior design teams.
Top-line specifications:

- EV powertrain; 30 kWh high-voltage battery paired with a prototype electric motor not yet seen on a production vehicle.
- Produces 148 horsepower and 236 pound feet of torque.
- Inspired by retro aeronautical designs, defined by smooth, aerodynamic surfaces, long hood and short overhangs, an exposed cockpit, and open-wheeled layout.
- Prototype 9's cabin has been handmade by the company's interior design teams.

* * *